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About Us

Our Vision

Our Vision

ClevrU is an adaptable, on-demand World Class Learning PlatformTM designed to allow educators to deliver knowledge to users anywhere, on any device, at anytime, in the student's language of choice.


Delivering courses online in a way that engages and educates is a difficult challenge. Now consider the additional obstacles of delivering a world-class online educational experience to emerging markets where barriers such as language, multiple currencies, and variable network speeds further complicate the delivery of online education.

Using ClevrU's dynamic, multilingual World Class Learning PlatformTM, educators now have the power to deliver rich, multi-media, customized e-teaching content to millions of people around the globe. We excel because: 

  • Our Platform recognizes and adapts the content based on the OS of the users' mobile device and browser speed.

  • Our Platform recognizes the user's browser language setting and automatically sets the navigation tools, user interfaces, and applicable content to the language of choice. We currently support English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, French, Russian, Thai, Japanese, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

  • We operate servers behind the firewall in key emerging markets (including China) to remove latency and content filtering constraints.

  • We provide an innovative crowd-sourced content translation solution to educators looking to meet local market needs.

  • We assist in on-boarding educators' existing content onto the ClevrU Platform and manage the course preparation process.

  • We can support synchronous and asynchronous course structures.

  • We support multiple pedagogies and flexible content presentation methodologies.

  • We provide an online Educational Market Place in each geography, including local e-commerce solutions with established marketing relationships such as social media powerhouses (RenRen and Sina Weibo in China) to attract foreign students to courses.

  • We provide a unique revenue sharing model that supports the institution and individual professor/educator.


The student experience is also World-Class in that users uniquely interact in the way the Platform presents integrated learning objects catered to that individual. ClevrU's platform provides interactive discussions linked to point of content, and the ability for students to combine text from multiple learning objects with their own observations into a set of integrated and context related course notes - all in the student's language of choice.



We are passionate about sharing high-quality education to people around the world!

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