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There are millions of people around the globe who are seeking education but because of circumstances like economic means, government regulations or unavailable schools, their ability is hindered. There is tremendous potential in providing online education to reach a greater student demographic.

ClevrU offers educators the marketplace and platform to reach across the barriers of today's classroom. Our service combines the power of a complete online learning environment with a scalable platform designed to handle from 1 to a billion users while adapting to the users language of choice, their available bandwidth, and their type of mobile device of Internet access.


Users in emerging markets are looking for learning experiences that help them get a job, get a career advancement, or assist them in their quest to study or move abroad.

ClevrU delivers high quality content from top North American universities and experts to users around the world in their pursuit education advancement. Currently, the four areas of content that we focus on are:


      • Leadership and Business Soft Skills
      • Entrepreneurship
      • English Language Enhancement
      • Computer Skills and Programing



We are passionate about sharing high-quality education to people around the world!

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