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Our Vision

Breaking The 5 Barriers To International Online Education


Delivering online courses in a way that engages and educates is a difficult challenge. The additional obstacles of delivering a world-class online educational experience to emerging markets where barriers such as language, multiple currencies, and variable network speeds further complicates the delivery of online education.


ClevrU was designed to remove the barriers to teaching around the globe – we allow educators to reach beyond the confines of their local markets by overcoming the challenges to international online success.




Our Platform supports multiple languages and provides multiple level language support.

        • Firstly, the platform automatically recognizes the user's browser language or mobile device setting, and adapts the navigation tools, user interfaces, and discussion profile to the local language of the user.

        • Secondly, the platform will display the appropriate content to match the user's language setting. Commonly, the main learning elements such as the video remains in English however the platform allows the educator to enhance the learning experience by presenting any content in local language including corresponding slides, notes, support material, assessments, links, transcripts, subtitles, etc. We currently support English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Thai, Russian, French, Japanese, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

        • Lastly, we support our content partners with a range of innovative crowd sourced translation services to help them meet local market needs.



        • The world is mobile. Our Platform recognizes and adapts the content based on the OS of the user's mobile device and browser speed.

        • Content is reconfigured to best screen display on any mobile device and adapts the content displayed to the download speed available to optimize the user experience.

        • We currently provide apps for iOS and Android mobile devices.



        • Varied Internet connections in emerging markets can cause significant service delays when trying to access North American servers. Access to the educational content needs to be high-speed to maintain student engagement. ClevrU operates redundant server environments in each market we serve to ensure that our users can access HD quality streaming at maximum download speed.


        • Many emerging markets are strictly regulated and filter all Internet content, which also contributes to latency when content is provided from outside of the home country. ClevrU operates servers behind the firewall in key emerging markets (including China). We manage all content filtering requirements and abide by local regulations.



        • Users prefer to purchase in their domestic currency and some countries require online transactions be in local currency. We provide an online Education Market Place in each geography and have established relations with local e-commerce solutions such as Alipay to handle transactions.

        • We also assist with the marketing of the courses and have established marketing relationships with social media powerhouses (like RenRen and Sina Weibo in China) to attract foreign students to courses.



 We are passionate about sharing high-quality education to people around the world!

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