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I have forgotten my password. What can I do?
What are the minimum system requirements for accessing ClevrU?
Why can't I login to ClevrU?
Is the video size adjustable?
Some lecture videos are not full length? Some lectures videos are missing content?
The video does not follow back and forward commands immediately.
Platform Features
Can I add slide content to my own note section?
Can I download my "notes" to my computer?
I cannot get related discussions from a new students account.
Does ClevrU have applications for Andriod or iOS?
I am concerned about using my downloading allowance on my mobile plan. How much data will be consumed in a 10 minute long video?
Can I have a receipt for the purchases that I have made?
What kind payment method can I use?
Why can't I make a payment by Renren Bean (China)?
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